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Our Products
...for detection of defects on technical surfaces (holes, mechanical, chemical and
metallurgical defects)
Applications of our products you find below.
Surfect Z

for control of low and fast running strip-materials
closely with the customer.line speed up to
2000 m/ a resolution of 0,4 mm/pixel,
any widths are possible.
Up to 400 m/Min. resolutions of 0,1 mm/pixel
can be realized
Surfect F

Multi-area-camera-system control of not
moving and moved strips, if the line allows
enough space for integration.
Surfect Vision

Software for the analysis
of homogenious-
metallic and non-metallic surfaces by line-scan
and area-cameras.
Online-analysis    online classification    online-
Surfect Data

Software for the documentation,
and administration of inspection documents
Inspection-documents out of the running
production can be reviewed offline.
Surfect Diod

Diod-Lightenings designed as cascades
for line-scan and area-cameras
Applications of our products:
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Multi - linescan - camerasystem (Powerpoint)

Our Service to our customers (pdf)

CCD - line scan camera imaging system (pdf)

(Pin-)hole detection by CCD - line - scan - camera technology (pdf)